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This weekend we are selling the instruments and stage gear of Bob Hayes, on Saturday ONLY, in North Little Rock.


March 23 ONLY, 2019
9:00 am SHARP - 3:00 pm
We will NOT be opening early this week.


708 Brown Dr., 72118
off of Crystal Hill Road
near MacArthur Dr./Old Conway Hwy

(scroll down for turn-by-turn directions)


Saturday: full price… see text below

We allow written offers on any item.
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Credit/Debit Cards
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For a better response time, don’t email questions. Please call or text instead. We are at a sale house and not in front of a computer, so we don’t see emails ’til WAY later.  We’d love to have a better chance to help you!

The Merchandise:

THIS WEEKEND!!: On Saturday, March 23, we will be selling the following instruments and stage gear which belonged to the legendary Bob Hayes. It will be a ONE DAY ONLY sale at the same location as last week’s house sale. Each item will be priced and available for immediate purchase. We will also be accepting written offers of any amount.

We do not have specific plans for reductions in price. It is possible that John will lower the tag price of various pieces as he sees fit during the afternoon… but will be taking any written offers into consideration when deciding those discounts. 

After we have closed for the day, we will communicate all highest offers on any remaining items to the Executor of the Estate. After our client has had time to consider those offers, we will be contacting the appropriate “winners.”

If you have any questions, please contact John at 501-607-4747 - text messages are preferred so that he can keep track of who contacts him about which pieces more effectively. Please help spread the word to all his friends and fans!

The following information reflects the order of the photos of the guitars and amplifiers in the photo gallery.


1. Ovation… Model 1869, Custom Legend…serial # 560213

2. Ovation…. Model 1982-8. Collector Series, serial # 18

3. Ovation… Model 1619 Custom Legend, serial # 047722

4. Ovation… 12 string, Model 1858 Elite  serial # 403435

5. Ovation… Model 199s-1 Collector Series serial # 1356

ALL of the Ovation guitars are in very good/excellent condition.  ALL have their original hard shell, molded cases. 

6.  1965 Rickenbacker electric 12 string.  Serial # EH 474   Original hard shell case, silver color with blue interior.  Excellent/Mint condition. 

7.  Fender Dobro, “crafted in China”. SKB Black hard case, excellent condition, serial #CD 07041748

8.  Guild D 50 six string, serial # 116914  Black hardshell case, case is in rough condition, guitar is “almost new”, excellent condition 

9.  Hyundai six string guitar.  Made in Korea.  Model # HW-POB. Black chipboard case. Good condition. 

10.  Gibson Les Paul Standard.  Serial # 509143. 1974/1975?  Made in USA impressed on back of headstock. Black/Grey OSP hard case.  Also has a hard case that is probably the original case, has broken handle.  In my opinion, replaced…knobs, bridge, pick guard, selector switch, and tuners.  

11.  National “Lap steel”, “Hawaiian” guitar.  “New Yorker” model. Serial # V 30108 Serial number dates it to 1947. Original hard shell Lifton case. 

12.  1964 Fender Telecaster.  Serial # L 47778. Original hard shell black Fender case, red interior.  Finish is replaced from original. Bigsby tremolo may be original…? May be an addition to guitar. Replaced pick guard. 

13.  Gibson J 45   Serial # U 2604 14. Dates to 1957. Lifton case, rough condition.  Condition of guitar is obvious… very large amount of play wear, especially to sound hole and bridge area.  Bridge is replaced, tuners are replaced.  Guitar has back of headstock crack.  This crack is small and not reaching to the front of the guitar.  There doesn’t appear to be any cracks in the body of guitar.  

14.  The Gibson… tenor banjo, circa 1920. 4 string banjo with metal resonator. Serial #11567-34. Good condition, no case.  

15.  Vega “Little Wonder” mando/banjo, guitar/banjo…circa 1920’s  no case. 

16.  Oscar Schmidt/Sears 15 chord Autoharp. Circa 1966  Original hard case. Includes original paperwork from purchase. 


1. Fender “silverface” Twin Reverb. Chassis number is 31146. Good condition. 

2. Fender “Blackface” Twin Reverb-Amp. Chart code ID is OC. Chassis coded is A 00749. Amp is on casters.  With original Victoria cover. 

3.  Leslie rotating speaker cabinet.  Works great. Original footswitch, instruction diagram and Victoria cover.  Serial # 2365   

4.  Fender amplifier “road case” on casters. 

5.  Gibson “Plus 50” amp head.  Serial # 03069. Probably 1966.

6.  Fender “Blackface” Deluxe Reverb-Amp.  Chart code is QH.  Chassis number is A19200.  Great condition. 

7.  Fender “Blackface” Twin Reverb.  This amp just went to the shop and got all new capacitors. Chassis number is A07657. Speakers are replaced with Altec Lansing,417-8C. The original front cover/grill was replaced at some point with one of Bob Hayes’s screen-printed t-shirts.

Also available:

Klipsch Industrial Series Speakers - hardshell cabinets with built in handles and reinforced corners and edges - perfect for stage touring or home. This includes a pair of La Scalas, and several pairs of Heresys.

Large collection of vintage pedals, microphones, cables, speaker stands, mic stands, music stands, Peavy powered sound board, rack mounted effects, and other sound gear.  

Please, please, please stay on the pavement. There aren’t curbs and the ground is VERY soggy, as I’m sure you realize. The road is also pretty narrow, so it will help if everyone will only park on one side of the road. Thank you for your help! 

Where to find us:
We’re in a little neighborhood in North Little Rock near where Crystal Hill Rd. runs into MacArthur Dr. (Old Conway Hwy).   

How to get there:

I-40 at the Crystal Hill exit (#148):
Turn northeast so that you are passing the Shell Speed Shop on your right. Continue on Crystal Hill Rd to the “T” and turn right to continue on Crystal Hill Rd. Drive .8 miles and just before you cross the rail road tracks to reach MacArthur Dr, you will veer/turn right onto Brown Dr. We are around the bend and down a bit… on the corner of Brown and Cullum.


Upcoming sales:
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Pennsylvania Trading Co. loves The Van and all of their volunteers!! If you haven't heard about them & what they do, click the yellow logo above & discover the best homeless outreach ever.

An Apology And A Story...

Available in any amount at our sales, or contact Emily to purchase over the phone! (501) 580-0298

Available in any amount at our sales, or contact Emily to purchase over the phone!
(501) 580-0298