UPDATE:  Sunday, July 27 will be our first 25% off day of this sale.  Discounts will continue when we pick back up in two weeks.
    All other details are below...

This weekend:


This is it!  The incredible warehouse sale we’ve all been waiting for!!  There’s A LOT of information below that will help you understand what to expect this weekend. 
We can’t wait to see you there!


323 S. Cross Street, 72201 
Downtown Little Rock
Next door to Dempsey Bakery
in the former location of Diamond Bear Brewery 


July 24-27, 2014

Thursday EVENING 5:30 - 7:30
Friday 9:00-3:00
Saturday 9:00-3:00 

Sunday 11:00-3:00

(we may open a little early in the mornings… Thursday evening we will open “ON THE DOT” - not early)

This is the first weekend of at least two.  We will probably start discounts on Sunday this weekend…. but we’re playing it by ear.

We allow written offers on any item in the sale.
Click here to read more about our “bid” policy


We are able to accept credit cards at the warehouse only... not future house sales, & of course we will still be accepting cash & checks (from local banks) this weekend.


Our neighbors, the awesome Dempsey Bakery, will be staying open late on Thursday evening so you can eat their delicious goodies. 

We are also honored to have Southern Salt Food Truck available serving their incredible food as well.  Come hungry for sure!!

Special Dempsey Deal on Fri. & Sat.:

Also, on Friday & Saturday only, we are partnering with Dempsey Bakery so that anyone who has purchased something from our sale can get a free mini cupcake from them while they last.  Here’s a link to their website if you would like to learn more about what makes Dempsey Bakery special: http://www.dempseybakery.com

The Merchandise:

Okay, how do I even begin… The only thing I know to do is list a bunch of stuff & tell you that you really NEED to see the photos to understand what we have to offer.  … & even then, it is impossible for me to photograph everything.  It’s really that much.

Lots of glass, pottery & china!!  BUT it’s all great, fun, cool stuff that’s in incredibly great condition overall.  I’ll start with the glass: Fenton, Depression Glass, Vaseline Glass, Carnival … green, yellow, pink, red, aqua, amethyst, cobalt, cranberry; Milkglass; China: Noritake, Occupied Japan, … bone china; Furniture - tables (large & small), china cabinets, curio cabinets, antique & vintage chairs, vanities; silver plate, sterling, jewelry, cast-iron figure banks, ash trays, chandeliers & light fixtures, lamps, mirrors, wall art, rugs, record players & a few LP’s, beds, vintage kitchen including Pyrex, enamelware, salt & peppers, antique radios, vintage clothing, jeans, fabric & linens; rare & antique books, Avon bottles, figurines, ceramic animals, … all of these are in quantities you just can't understand without coming to the sale.  

Try to get here this weekend… there is bound to be plenty left over for the next round, but I’d hate for you to miss this weekend.  You’ll probably never forget it.  Even if you’re not a collector, it’s a fantastic opportunity to grab some fun accent pieces to add to your next party’s food table!  Look at the photos!!


We’re downtown.  Parking before we open on Thursday night might be a little tricky - but doable.  Friday might hold some challenges, but Saturday & Sunday will be no big deal.  The key thing to remember is this: READ SIGNS.  The city’s & ours.  There are areas where it is illegal to park & 4th Street is One Way.  Just pay attention & think back to that driver’s handbook you studied back in the day & you ought to be golden… besides, it’s pretty flat around here so if you have to walk it’ll be an easy stroll.

Where to find us:

We are in Downtown Little Rock on S. Cross Street between 3rd & 4th.  If you are traveling east coming into downtown, Markham sort-of “turns into” 3rd. (Ad Craft is at the corner of 3rd & S. Cross).  We are much closer to The Capital than the Rivermarket… west of Broadway by 7 blocks… west of Chester by 2 blocks.  We are in the same building as Dempsey Bakery in the former location of Diamond Bear Brewery.  Their signage is still on the front of the warehouse.  There are a zillion ways to get to us.  Just remember that 4th is One Way headed east.  

A few ways to get there:

From I-630 (this is the simplest way from I-30 also):

Take the Chester Street exit.  Turn left & go north on Chester to 3rd. Street.  Turn left on 3rd & go two blocks.  Turn left on S. Cross St.  We’re on your left so start looking for a place to park.

From Cantrell Rd.: 

If you are west of downtown & driving eastbound on Cantrell, there is quick & easy access to Cross Street.  When you pass Episcopal School & go up the hill, you reach the little jog in the road & pass the cool old concrete bridge on your left.  IMMEDIATELY after the curve you can turn right onto Cross Street.  We’re 4 & a half blocks down on your left. 

From Markham:

Drive east on Markham all the way past the Schools for the Blind & Deaf.   When you’ve passed them, the road jogs over to the right & you end up driving straight again on 3rd Street.  You’ll pass the Capital, Cotham’s, go up a hill & the next light is at S. Cross Street.  Turn right & we’re on your left.


The story about this sale & answers to questions about Pennsylvania Trading Co. selling things in a warehouse:

Last year we were hired by a family to handle their aunt’s estate.  We held two sales in her home on Cinderella Cir. in the neighborhood just west of UALR… that was this past Nov. & Jan.  She also had another house where she had been storing items for a very long time.  For several reasons we were unable to hold a sale in that house.  While on the search for a warehouse or storefront that would lease to our client short-term, we spoke to our friend & former client, Paula Dempsey - owner of Dempsey Bakery & former landlord of Diamond Bear Brewery.  It turned out, Diamond Bear was moving to a brand-new facility & the warehouse would be available.  She has graciously allowed us to set up shop & be her tenants while helping our clients with this massive, very unusual job.  We gained access to the warehouse right after Memorial Day & have been busy ever since.  Our incredible Crew helped move 7 truck loads to the warehouse, unpacked every box & HAND WASHED EVERY SINGLE ITEM!  Then, of course, they tagged, priced & arranged it all.  It’s been a big job - & yes, it all came out of one (not very big) house!  I can’t wait for you to admire their hard work & shop a sale that is unlike any other you will ever see again.  Thank you all for being our fans!!  And, for those of you who may have attempted to contact us during the past 2.5 months, we want to offer our sincerest apologies for not being our best at answering & returning phone calls, emails or texts.  We were definitely busier than we’ve ever been & we’re happy to return to our normal level of customer service that you’ve all come to expect in the weeks ahead!

As for future Pennsylvania Trading Co. sales in the warehouse, we are currently lining up consignment clients for one more round of sales in the warehouse.  Past that, we are unsure of what direction we will take this fall.  If you have questions about how we will be handling items for our consignment clients, please contact us.  We have a busy weekend ahead but will be happy to visit with you as soon as possible.