This is what you can expect at one of our 2-day sales:

We start on Friday (instead of on Thursday) & everything is full-price, just like it always is on the first day.  Then, on Saturday morning we open with 20% off.  At about 11:40 we start telling shoppers to purchase what they would like to buy at 20% off and step outside.  We do not allow people to carry items out and hold on to them and we do clear off our Hold Table. 

While all of the shoppers wait outside, we open our Bid Box and look for all of the written offers on remaining items that are above the 50% off price.  We quickly mark those “winning bids” SOLD and call those bidders to notify them.  Then, we open back up and it’s like a new day… everything is 50% off (unless marked “firm,” but that is rare).  During the time we are “closed” just before noon, the crowd outside typically grows and it’s not uncommon for 40 people or more to be there when we reopen for 50% off.  Then, the sale ends at 3:00 and the house is usually very close to empty.

Why do we do it?

Sometime back in 2015, we realized that we were saying “no” to a lot of sales because we felt like there wasn’t enough merchandise to cover labor and make it profitable.  Then we held our first 2-day sale and realized that it was a great solution to those smaller sales and it takes away a full day of labor cost.  The shoppers seemed happy with the concept & it kept the house from looking “too empty” before the end of the sale. 

We’re never looking to specifically sign a 2-day sale, but we have found that it’s common for us to meet with folks who might not have a huge house filled to the brim.  Many may have downsized just a few years ago and it’s a great opportunity to sell the items they kept… often their best items.  So don’t assume that it’s not good stuff.  Sometimes it’s a smaller number of items that are all fantastic!