A quick note on our new days/times & our newspaper ads

October 4, 2016

Well, after 7 years we're shaking things up a bit!  We have had a few sales this year where it was necessary to run a 3-day sale that started on Thursday.  We were impressed by the turn-out and there were several elements of our work that happened to run more smoothly because of it.  Therefore, we have decided that in the future, our 3-day sales will start on Thursday & wrap up on Saturday.  If a sale is not quite big enough to warrant 3 days, we'll be starting on Friday and then do our discount day on Saturday (20% off before noon, 50% off after noon). For some element of consistency, we will be updating our website on Tuesdays and sending out our email blast on Tuesday nights, regardless of whether it's a two- or three-day sale.

Also, we have always run ads in the Classified section of the newspaper. This is a very expensive advertising option and we have felt that the number of people depending on those ads has dropped significantly in the past couple of years.  While we know that some people do still look for those ads, we feel like the cost might not be outweighing the benefits.  While we haven't made any final decision regarding this matter, we would appreciate your help.  If you know of someone that relies on those ads to find us, please encourage them to join our email list or get in the habit of checking our website on Wednesdays.  If they don't have access to the internet, we're hoping they can work out a buddy system with someone who gets those notices so that we still see their faces at our sales!  

If you'd like to visit with us about any of these changes, please reach out.

Thanks for being a fan!  We appreciate all of you so very much!

John Gaiser 501-607-4747; john@patradingco.com
Emily Gaiser 501-580-0298; emily@patradingco.com