About Pennsylvania Trading Co.'s name:

Pennsylvania Trading Co. is based in Arkansas.  So why “Pennsylvania” Trading Co.?  After all, owners John & Emily Gaiser were born & raised right here in Little Rock.  

Well, John's mother grew up in Emmittsburg, Maryland which is just barely south of the Pennsylvania border.  As he was growing up he would make summer trips to visit his aunts who lived in the Gettysburg area of Pennsylvania.  During those trips east they would shop the zillions of auctions, flea markets & estate sales... & a passion for antiques was born in a young Arkansas boy.

“In Junior High & High School I was never the boy who read the sports & car magazines. I read Maine Antique Digest and Art & Antiques magazine,” John often says with a smile.

 So in 2009, when John & Emily decided to start an estate sale business of their own here in Little Rock they cast homage back to the place his knowledge originated from… & thought it was only appropriate to allow it to honor his mother & aunts in the process.