Pennsylvania Trading Co.'s Policy
on Written Offers, or "Bids"

We allow our customers to leave written offers on any item in the sale.  If you are unable to pay the current price of an item you would like to buy, you may fill out a bid slip indicating the amount you would like to pay.  We look at all offers after we have closed EACH DAY OF THE SALE.  We will sell our merchandise to whomever is willing to pay the most for those items.  Therefore, at the end of each day we will call the person who has offered the highest dollar amount above the next day's price.  

Please keep in mind that in almost every case an item will be discounted by 20% on the second day of the sale & 50% on the third.  You are allowed to leave an offer for less than half price - however, that offer may not be accepted by the client.   

By filling out a bid slip, you are agreeing to pay the amount you indicate,
should your offer be accepted.  

This is considered a contract between you and Pennsylvania Trading Co.

If your offer is accepted you will have to meet us at the sale house to pick up your items during sale hours or shortly after unless previous arrangements have been made.  This needs to happen during sale hours because we won’t be there the next week!!  Speak with us about any concerns you have before filling out a slip.  If you’re headed out of town for the weekend it might not be the best time for you to leave an offer.

This is how it works:

-We discount most sale items by 20% on Friday and 50% on Saturday.

-We check all written offers at the end of each sale day.

-You may bid above a day’s discounted price for a chance to win it between sale days.

-At that point we mark it sold and arrange for you to pick it up. 

Again, you are agreeing to purchase an item
when you write its discription on one of these slips.  

Good luck!!  We hope you are the highest “bidder!”

If the sale you are attending happens to be a 2-day sale, then the above still applies, but we "split the day" on Saturday. We open at 20% off, then just before noon, we ask everyone to step outside for a few minutes while we call all winning bids above 50% off.  Then we open back up as if it were a 3rd day.