Estate Sale 101

I meet people all the time who have never set foot inside an estate sale.  Most of the time they are unsure of what an estate sale is.  So we thought we would clear up any misconceptions of what to expect when you shop at one.

Estate sales are open to the public with no cost to enter and shop.  Typically each item in the house is arranged for sale and priced mid-way between yard-sale prices and retail.  Companies usually accept cash or check and a few will accept credit cards.

An estate sale is held to clear out possessions for a variety of reasons:  significant downsizing of a home, a death in a family, an out of state/country move... or any number of circumstances that leave people with a significantly greater number of household items than they can keep.

Sound like a yard sale?  Well, it’s the same concept.  However, in my opinion, yard sales tend to be mostly people’s worn-out, broken, out-of-style items that don’t hold much value.  Estate sales are so much more than that!    

At estate sales, you will find barely used, “gentlyworn” treasures... or maybe just that everyday item you already need. It could be anything from tools, clothing and jewelry to furniture, appliances and automobiles.  Even household goods like detergent or cleaning supplies are a great buy, and in today’s economy we can all use a way to spend less.  If you love thrift stores, yard sales, rummage sales and auctions, you’ll LOVE estate sales.  

In Little Rock it is a common practice to hold a three-day sale, though sometimes that framework varies.  On the first day of a sale all items are sold at full price.  Typically, on the second day most items are 20% - 30% off.  By the final day, the things that are left are usually discounted by 50%!!  Granted, you have fewer things to choose from but the deals on what’s left are fantastic.  

Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask about a Bid Box.  Often, an Estate Sale Company will allow you to leave written offers on items in case they don’t sell.  John and I have ended up with some wonderful items at really fantastic prices by utilizing this option at sales we attend.  We encourage you to look for our bid box near the checkout of each of our sales. (click here for our policy on written offers at our sales)

We hope that you dive into the fantastic world of estate sales.  Get on our email notification list and we’ll be sure you always know about our future sales.  You can also sign up for weekly emails from that will list most of the estate sales (& auctions too) in Central Arkansas!  We look forward to seeing you!

-Emily Gaiser

What we sell:

Home furnishings of all types - such as sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, bookcases, framed artwork, lamps, silk florals, rugs, tables & chairs, mirrors, desks, filing cabinets, stereo equipment, DVDs, CDs, LPs, books, computer equipment; office & school supplies such as pens, notebooks, backpacks, laptop bags, paper & file folders; clothing & shoes for men, women & kids; kitchen items like refrigerators, microwaves, dishes, pots & pans, sm. appliances; things for any hobby - woodworking, crafting, fishing, hunting, camping, scuba diving, gardening, photography, sewing; pet supplies; outdoor furnishings such as grills, patio furniture, statues, fountains; cosmetics, cleaning supplies, toys, canned goods, jewelry, guns & knives, boats,…. we even sell cars!!!

In fact, we sell just about anything you've ever owned.  & while our prices may not be as low as garage sale prices, they're far below retail & the quality is generally great.  Sign up for our email notifications & start perusing our photos each week.  It's the best way to find great deals on the items you want.  

Smart people shop estate sales!