Estate Sale Bucks…. what are they?

We like to do things differently.  That’s one of the reason’s why we have Estate Sale Bucks.  It started when we began to play Ponder The Count at all of our sales.  We needed a prize and so we made up gift cards and named them Estate Sale Bucks.  Thien we decided to make them available for purchase.  If you are interested in buying ESB’s for someone you know, ask about them at our checkout table.  Or if you are needing to buy them outside of a sale day, give Emily a call and we’ll work something out.  I typically need time to mail them to you so don’t wait too long!  

Estate Sale Bucks come in $25 amounts and $5 amounts so we can come up with most any denomination you would like.  

Pennsylvania Trading Co. Estate Sale Bucks are valid for exchange of product from any Pennsylvania Trading Co. sale valuing up to the amount indicated on the card at that time.  No cash change is given.  There is no expiration date.

Thanks for your interest!

Emily Gaiser