I think I need an estate sale...

When our father passed away, we were overwhelmed with issues including dealing with the family home and its belongings. A trusted friend recommended that we contact John and Emily at the Pennsylvania Trading Company. That was the best advice we could have received. From the initial visit by John, we knew we were in the right hands. He was professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to our needs in every way. We were relieved and pleased to know that they provide comprehensive estate sales services from initial assessment and preparation through the actual sales and clean-up process.

Our family will always be grateful to John and Emily for their wonderful service at a time of our greatest need. We are delighted to recommend the Pennsylvania Trading Company to anyone who is in need of comprehensive estate sales services.
— Sincerely, William Rotert and Family

Pennsylvania Trading Co. is a full-service estate sale company.  We do over 40 sales a year for clients who are downsizing, moving out of state, have experienced a death in the family… or for any given reason have a house full of items to sell.  When we are hired by a client, our Crew touches every single item in the house.  We empty all the drawers & closets, pull everything out from under beds, the attic, the basement, out back in the shed…& as we do so, we sort, tag, price & arrange those items in a way that the public can easily shop through them.  We sell just about everything.  From laundry detergent to fine jewelry - from office supplies to the car in the garage.  It all has value & its our job to price it and make it available to shoppers on sale day.  In short, we take a house just as it is and we do all of the work. 

In general, we hold 3-day sales and we sell items at full-price on Thursday, 20% off on Friday & 50% off on Saturday.  We allow written offers for any amount on any item in the sale.  We look at those "bids" at the end of each sale day & will accept the highest offer over the next day's price on any item remaining.  This assures that our clients are getting the highest possible price for each item in the sale and it gives our shoppers some options outside of a price they might not be able to pay.  

At the end of the sale there are always some items left over and those items still belong to the client.  One of the services we provide is a donation pick-up with a local non-profit.  If this is something our client would like to take advantage of, we will meet the non-profit at the home as early as the day after the sale is over.  A list is made of what is donated in our client's name and the house is left completely empty, swept and vacuumed.  A tax receipt & the typed inventory is included in our client's payment packet - which we send out about a week and a half after the sale is over.  

We handle all labor, all directional signage and do all of the advertising.  Our followers can find us not only by signing up for our email notifications, but they can view extensive photos of each sale on this website.  Some customers follow us on Facebook, Twitter, AshleysFinds.com as well as other online locations.

Estate Sales are an excellent option for anyone with items that need to be sold.  It's our job to not only take that task off your hands in its entirety, but to bring you a higher profit than you could have on your own.   If you believe you are in need of an estate sale service, please contact John and allow us to set up a time for him to meet with you.  He will go over our process in greater detail, allow you to view our contract & find a place for you on our calendar.  

There's no need to "get it ready for us."  In fact, we encourage any potential client not to throw anything away & to resist the urge to sort or organize too much.  That's what we're here for & we would love to make the process as easy on you as possible.  Even if you are not ready for a sale right this minute, please don't hesitate to set up the initial meeting with us.  It is not uncommon for us to be booked 8 - 12 weeks out.  By meeting with you sooner than later, we can figure out a time-frame that helps meet all of your goals.  Thank you so much for looking us up!  We hope to visit with you soon.

John & Emily Gaiser

John Gaiser:

Pennsylvania Trading Company has worked on a few different and very difficult projects for me in the last couple of years. John always says” How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” It is very true because my projects were very overwhelming, unique and had very short turn around times. They delivered with a smile and a job very well done. I plan on using them again in the near future if THEY will have me!!
— Paula Dempsey