Pennsylvania Trading Co. is always accepting applications!

  • We’ve included a job description below & links to an application & schedule availability form.

  • You do not need to know about antiques or collectables. We sell mostly every day items & there's bound to be something you are knowledgable about that can be helpful to us.

Join our Crew & find out how exciting & rewarding estate sale work can be!

Description of work with Pennsylvania Trading Co.

General Information

We’re a full-service estate sale company established in 2009.  When our clients hire us, we take their home just as it is.  We touch, tag, price & arrange/organize everything - including the attics, sheds, and crawlspaces.  At that point the merchandise is photographed for our website and we advertise to the public.  We hold either a 3 or 2 day sale starting on Thursday or Friday, respectively.  The first day is full price and then items are discounted the following day(s).  Once the sale is over, any items remaining still belong to our client.  If they would like, we arrange a donation pick up with a specific non-profit.  We make an inventory of the items to be donated, meet the non-profit there & allow them to take those items away.  We sweep & vacuum the house & we’re finished!  The whole process typically takes 15 days total.  We conduct more than 40 sales a year.  

Sale Prep

Typically, the prep work is done Monday - Thursday, 8:30-4:00 with a 30 minute lunch break if you would like.  We encounter various levels of cleanliness & clutter.  Some homes are sparsely filled and very clean, some are very dirty and cluttered & require a lot of cleaning.  We take that labor into consideration when we accept sales, but sometimes the merchandise is worth it.  Our Crew has to be on board, no matter what the elements may be.  

Our work can be physically demanding.  It is important that we process the entire house as quickly as possible.  In the process of transforming houses, we often break down beds, remove doors and store them in a safe place, rearrange larger items so that we maximize space, etc.  If you have doubts about your ability to help move furniture, stand, stoop or stay focused on repetitive & ticky tasks, then this may not be the best work for you.

One of the best parts of what we do is finding & seeing cool stuff.  We all enjoy it.  The best part?  Most of the time, our Crew gets the first shopping opportunity & a discount for any items under $100 (we give the discounts out of our commission). 

Sale Days

We advertise that our sales open at 9:00 a.m., but we almost always go ahead & open at 8:40.  We “close” at 3:00 but we try to gently move people toward the door at that point.  Once we manage to get the last shopper out the door, we usually have several minutes of work left to do, so it is common that our Crew leaves around 3:30. We ask our staff to be on site, ready to work no later than 8:00, and to remain there until we’ve completed our work.  

Sale days are rarely boring!  It’s common for us to work most of the day without sitting down.  We are constantly looking for shoppers who need help, straightening & refolding merchandise, carrying furniture and other items out to people’s cars, etc.  We each take a quick lunch break and we order & pay for your lunch on those days.  


We set our employee’s pay rate based on 

  • the number of hours they’re available

  • their level of experience in the work force as well as specific skill sets

  • how long they’ve been working for us

We pay our employees via direct deposit after each sale.  That pay period includes all the hours they worked at that sale house.  If we do not have a sale, then no one is paid that following week.  All employee purchases are deducted from your total pay (post taxes) in order for us to correctly credit our client for those items.

Other requirements

Due to Arkansas Labor Law, our employees must be 16 years of age, or older.

Due to the nature of our business, we need all of our employees to have a flexible and reliable means of transportation.  It is common for us to be working in 3 different locations in the span of a week and those locations can vary greatly.  If you work for us, we need you to be on time no matter where we are working.  If we finish our work early, then it can be problematic if you are relying on someone else to come pick you up.  Long story short, it works best if our employees are responsible for getting themselves to job sites, & understand that some houses are 30 minutes away or more.

We have a GREAT reputation for giving fantastic customer service.  That means that people skills are important and the people who make it at PTC are really good at finding ways to help & assist our customers & clients.  We have a pretty casual work environment, but on sale days we like for you to be dressed in clean clothes without holes or stains (we are more openminded on prep days, which as stated, can be dirty work).  

We mentioned above that our work is physically demanding.  When we hire someone, we’re going to ask you if you can pick up half of a sofa.  The reason is, we really do move a LOT of furniture and other heavy items.  During the span of a sale weekend, we effectively empty a house.  Each person on our team needs to be able and willing to assist in that.  

Our calendar fills up 8-12 weeks in advance on a regular basis.  It’s normal for people to want time off occasionally.  Due to our commitments to upcoming jobs, we have to have as much notice as possible regarding vacations and foreseeable needs for time off.  We do our very best to establish a “set” schedule for each of our Crew members so that you know your days off & can schedule appointments on those days whenever possible. 

Interested in becoming part of our Crew?

Start with our application & schedule availability form.  You can find that in the link below, or at the checkout during any of our sales.  Print & fill out both forms and then give us a call.  We look forward to visiting with you!

John Gaiser - (501) 607-4747