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If you follow The Van’s happenings through our website, then you might have known that they were raising money for a new warehouse. They found one!! In fact, in February of 2019 they closed on the awesome new facility and are currently in the process of renovating it to better fit their needs. If you’d like to donate to help meet that monthly mortgage payment, you can do so through their website - - or we are happy to deliver monetary donations to them for you. If you would like a tax receipt, please include your name and address with it.

Spring has sprung!! We are currently helping gather warm weather supplies for The Van! If you want to participate, be sure to read #’s 3 & 5 below, and check out the list here in the right-hand column (if you’re using a mobile device, it might appear below “Things most people don’t know).

We will ALWAYS take donations - year round - but occasionally we draw more attention to what is needed. Thanks for your willingness to help!

We’re really short on (or completely out of) these items! If you’d like to help us get stocked up on them, you’d be my hero!  Thanks so much,  Emily Gaiser April 30, 2019

We’re really short on (or completely out of) these items! If you’d like to help us get stocked up on them, you’d be my hero!
Thanks so much,
Emily Gaiser
April 30, 2019

7 Ways YOU Can Help The Van:

1. Go to their website ( and find out more about what they do. Then educate yourself on the topic of homelessness... follow the Arkansas Homeless Coalition & consider attending their monthly meetings, listen to Unsheltered Arkansas at KABF 88.3 on Mondays from 5-7:00 p.m. or subscribe to their podcast  Or, speak to Emily (PA Trading Co owner) and let her fill you in - 501-580-0298.  Then spread the word about their work.  

2. Donate money.  They make it count!!  You can even set up a monthly reoccurring donation on their site.

3. Donate supplies (see list on this page) to Zips Car Wash at Bowman & Chenal, or at our sales.  If you're dropping it by a sale of ours, pull into the driveway & tell one of our Crew that you have something for The Van.  They'll unload it for you!

4. Volunteer!!!  This is one hell of a group of people... seriously, they make stuff happen and they utilize ALL of their resources.  But, they need more folks to commit to helping.  Contact them and tell them what you have to offer (skills, time, etc.).  You'll change lives & even save some!

5. If you're shopping at one of our sales, and see one of the needed items listed on this page, you can buy it for The Van & donate it on the spot.  If you do that, we will discount that item by whatever our commission is at that sale ... in other words, we won't take a commission on those items.  Just tell the checkout person that's what you're wanting to do.

6.  Shop their wish list on Amazon!  It can be shipped straight to their warehouse.  It's as easy as it gets! Also, go to and start shopping Amazon through that alternate entry whenever you buy something on Amazon so that a percentage of your purchase goes to a charitable cause of your choice - The Van is listed as their parent non-profit, “The One, Inc.” Choose them and effortlessly support them while you shop!

7.  Go to events that benefit The Van!  There are lots of fun things held year-round to help keep The Van going. Christmas Karaoke, live music events, crawfish boils, races, roller derby ... LOTS of fun stuff!!  Follow them on Facebook to stay in the know.

Things most people don't now...

  • HUD did a census in January of 2017 that confirmed, more than 550 individuals are unsheltered in the Little Rock Metro after every shelter bed is full. The Van (part of The One Inc.) GOES TO these individuals and does their best to supply them with the items listed on this page, along with fresh eggs & vegetables from The Field, occasional showers in their shower trailer, and more.

  • One of the biggest needs of our neighbors on the street, is a safe place to set up camp (or park their car). The Van, along with other homeless advocacy groups, believe that the BEST way to help these folks help themselves is to remove the pressure of not having a set place to stay while they focus on finding a job and saving up for an apartment. If you or someone you know has 5ish acres in the Little Rock Metro and would like to talk to someone about donating, selling, or just allowing the use of that space, PLEASE contact The Van, or the Arkansas Homeless Coalition.

  • Also, we need places to hold emergency shelters during extreme cold nights. In the past, The Van has worked with a couple of churches who allow unsheltered individuals to hang out in their spaces during nighttime lows. Volunteers are there to help, and The Van offers transportation to as many people as possible. We need more locations, though! If you can help, please contact The Van for more information.

  • If you have fallen trees, or big limbs, The Van wants them. They have a log splitter & they deliver firewood to the folks living out in hidden camps. The only challenge is, they need you to get the felled tree to their warehouse off of Faulkner Lake Rd. If you can do that, please reach out to them!

The "Anytime" List:

  • baby wipes

  • toiletries (razors/shaving cream, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, combs/brushes, lotion, chapstick, etc.)

  • first aid

  • condoms

  • toilet paper

  • big heavy duty trash bags

  • women’s hygiene items

  • sneakers (m’s & w’s - all sizes)

  • boots (m’s & w’s - all sizes)

  • socks (new m’s & w’s - all sizes - they like black a lot)

  • underwear (NEW ONLY m’s & w’s - all sizes)

  • bras (new or LIGHTLY used)

  • batteries (all sizes)

  • flashlights/headlamps

  • twin sheet sets

  • towels (bath, hand & washcloth)

  • backpacks & reusable shopping totes

  • tents

  • sleeping pads/mats

  • pillows

  • tarps (brown or green preferred over blue, but will take any & all)

  • rain jackets/pants/ponchos

  • compact umbrellas

  • anything camping related

  • dog food

  • zip-lock bags

  • masking & duct tape

  • canned goods with pop-top lids and other non-perishable foods

The Cold Weather List:

  • sleeping bags

  • blankets big enough cover a person

  • warm coats & jackets

  • warm gloves

  • beanie caps/toboggans (warm hat)

  • sweatshirts - especially hoodies!!

  • sweatpants

  • long underwear

  • jeans (m’s & w’s all sizes)

  • emergency blankets (reflective type)

  • hand & foot warmers

  • warm socks

The Warm Weather List:

  • bug spray

  • t-shirts

  • shorts with pockets

  • water


Thank you so much for giving to this group of difference makers.  
I personally appreciate it so very much!

Emily Gaiser
Owner, Pennsylvania Trading Co.