Voluntary notes from some of our Clients:

I am really impressed with the great photos, descriptions and info on (my) sale on your web page.  You and your team have worked relentlessly to produce what will be a fantastic sale this weekend. 

PTC has been a pleasure to work with.



When our father passed away, we were overwhelmed with issues including dealing with the family home and its belongings. A trusted friend recommended that we contact John and Emily at the Pennsylvania Trading Company. That was the best advice we could have received. From the initial visit by John, we knew we were in the right hands. He was professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to our needs in every way. We were relieved and pleased to know that they provide comprehensive estate sales services from initial assessment and preparation through the actual sales and clean-up process.

Our family will always be grateful to John and Emily for their wonderful service at a time of our greatest need. We are delighted to recommend the Pennsylvania Trading Company to anyone who is in need of comprehensive estate sales services.

William Rotert and Family


Thank you John and Emily! Mom said that the estate sale was a great success. She was quite excited. Thank you so much for your time and energy. Love to you both and I will talk with you soon.



Dear Emily & John,

Wanted to thank you for the successful sale you put on for us at Rockwood.  Del was more than delighted with the results. The house itself looked great and you and your staff sure put a lot of work into cleaning the place up, it had not looked that good in a long time... Thanks for all your help and hard work and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Stephen A. McIntyre

We ask our clients what we could have done better.  
These are a few examples of the comments we have received:

"Nothing! Perfect!"

"I about fell out of my chair when I saw how much was sold."

"Pleasure dealing with you both, & your staff."

"…Thank you SO much for all of your hard work & efforts to make this a great sale.  You have been an INCREDIBLE help!…"

"Things that impressed me: Professionalism from first contact to this packet you sent me.  This is definitely your calling, John.  Your communicating with me was so impressive.  You never once made me feel that I was not in control but I trusted you so much I was so happy to turn it all over to you."

"I truly doubt that there is anything we could or would have done differently.  You came through just as you stated and kept to your work.  Be sure to know you have 4 people here that remain highly satisfied.  Thank you again."

"Could not be more satisfied!  Our situation required a lot of flexibility from PTC and you were!  Thanks so much guys!"

"We were so pleased with every aspect of the estate sale.  We will enthusiastically recommend PTC to others.  Thank you!"

"Your services exceeded my expectations!  Thank you!"

"Thank you SO much… our experience far, far exceeded anything we expected.  The documentation is well done… Well done!"

"My wife and I were totally pleased and satisfied with the overall experience.  Anytime you have a potential client that wants to question an experience with the both of you, please feel free to call on on us."

"We were very pleased.  We loved working with you and you have all been very kind to us."

"I really can't think of a thing.  You were great!"

"Everything was wonderful - your company was attentive and thorough and trustworthy!  Thanks for your hard work during this difficult family time.  We will definitely recommend you!"

"You guys were fantastic!  The entire team was wonderful, and met every deadline & promise that you made!  Thank you so much, and again you guys were truly spectacular in every way.  Don't hesitate to use us as a reference if you ever need to!"

"You all have done a wonderful job - did more than we thought possible.  Thank you."

Notes from some of our Customers:

You guys rock!  I love your estate sales...I like the info you give and your pricing is fair. I love estate sales as so many folks do. I've managed to furnish more than one home with treasures I've found in estate sales.  We think,You are the Best of Estate Sales! My friend and I look forward to your sales...I just ask my boss if I could take lunch at 8:30 tomorrow.  :)   Ashleys Finds is how I learned about you...There are lots of sales this week but yours is the one we will shop first.  Just wanted to say, that's all.  See you tomorrow. 

A Pleased Customer,
MaryAnn Parker

Just wanted to tell you guys I really enjoy your email notices and mostly your sales ! I think your Estate Bucks for Holiday gift giving is the bomb ! I have been very impressed at your sales , you guys have all been so courteous , organized , helpful , and down right FUN ! Keep up the good work, you guys are great !

Great sale!!!! One of the most organized I've seen with very good prices and a lot of nice items.  Emily and John, ya'll are doing a great job!!!!

You guys rocked the estate sale (this weekend)! Everything was very organized and priced fairly... Way better than other sales I've been too. My wife and I literally drove away saying "We should go to these things more often!" Nice job all the way around.

Some comments that our shoppers have sent back off of their Square credit card receipt:

“John and his staff are unbelievable.”

“I have lived all over the country and shopped so many estate sales over the decades. Pennsylvania Trading Co. is a top-notch estate sale group! They do everything well and I am much impressed. I love shopping their sales!”

“The best estate sale company in town!”

“Great staff, great selection, always very helpful! We look forward to the sales every time!”

“Love you guys!! Always priced well and  overall run the best by far in LR area!”

“I try to go to all Pennsylvania estate sales. The people are helpful and even help you load your stuff in your truck   The articles for sale are clean, accessible, clearly and fairly priced. I have been to many different estate sales companies. Pennsylvania is a head above all the competition. And finally, Emily and John Gaiser are accessible. They have always answered my messages and taken them seriously. 

It is nice doing business with them.”

“My favorite company to shop with!!”

“love all the help ...... they   are so nice”

“Very nice staff.

Sale was very well organized.

Would like to attend more sells you have locally.”

“The best managed estate sale company in Little Rock. Signage is well-placed, prices are competitive, and there's always plenty of staff to help or answer questions.”

“I love your sales because they are always clean, well organized, good coffee and lots of helpful staff.”

“Always  the best Estate Sales in Little Rock!”

“Always a joy to shop with Pennsylvania estate sale very neat and orderly”

“I always enjoy your sales!!! You're our fav in the area!!!  At 77 I certainly don't need anything 😂”